After my Master degree in Nanophotonics at University Clermont Auvergne, I was awarded an I-site CAP20-25 Fellowship to initiate research on innovative technology. It was followed by a PhD in 2019 in Nanophotonics and Metamaterials under the supervision of Dr. Moreau Antoine at Pascal Institute, Aubière, France. I worked on evolutionary optimization of photonic structures such as antireflection coating or more complex structures based on 2D photonic crystals. 


Nevergrad: black-box optimization platform

Pauline Bennet, Carola Doerr, Antoine Moreau, Jeremy Rapin, Fabien Teytaud, Olivier Teytaud

ACM SIGEVOlution, vol. 14(1), 2021, pp. 8-15

Analysis and fabrication of antireflective coating for photovoltaics based on a photonic-crystal concept and generated by evolutionary optimization

Pauline Bennet, Perrine Juillet, Sara Ibrahim, Vincent Berthier, Mamadou Aliou Barry, François Réveret, Angélique Bousquet, Olivier Teytaud, Emmanuel Centeno, Antoine Moreau

Physical Review B, vol. 103(12), 2021, p. 125135

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Pauline Bennet

PhD Candidate

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Pascal Institute

Clermont Auvergne University